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What is Creatian Corp.?

Management company and creative house that's goal is to emphasize good music with a clear creative direction and purpose.


Our aim was to improve the brand awareness of the artist. He titled his project "Monochrome" so we decided to go black and white for his aesthetic because he's a mysterious person.

Creative thought process

My philosophy was to bring the listener into a world of black and white and to make them digest the music easier with matching the brand to the sound.

Instagram Aesthetic

This music video depicts his aesthetic that we built.

We managed to grow his social media across all platforms within 3 years of joining Creatian Corp.


Followers on instagram


Followers on Twitter


YouTube subscribers

+10million streams

Apple Music & Spotify


Our aim was to improve the brand awareness of the artist. Make his DIY style brand easily digestible - even to a passing consumer.

Creative thought process

He records his own music in his bedroom, produces, and shoots videos by himself. So to emphasize it, we made it sure to showcase it with short-form content and crediting himself on everything he shares.

Consistent posts every week has been growing Destin's engagement and following. +2000 followers on Instagram in 2 months.

Video includes his family. Shot and edited by Destin Laurel. This decision was made to emphasis his DIY aesthetic.

We managed to significantly grow Destin's following across all platforms in 1 year and 4 months since joining Creatian Corp.


Instagram followers gained

+17.4k followers +467.6k likes

TikTok engagement


YouTube Subscribers

+2.4million streams

Apple Music & Spotify

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Legend Yae

Recording Artist

(Signed to Alamo & BoyMeetsSpace)



The Szns

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Recording Artist

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