It's your world, so why would it look like anyone else's?

What I'm about:

My mission is to create something personal, meaningful and interactive, while cutting through the noise of the "microwave" digital world for my clients and myself.

With 8 years of experience, I’m bringing creativity, unorthodox-strategic ideas, and self taught drawing skills to the table.

World Building

Aesthetic and branding so consistent that you can bring anything imaginable into your world and make it your own.

©reative Strategy

A well-planned content rollout to ensure your ideas are easily translated to a mass audience.

Idea therapy

Express your unfiltered ideas to me for you to better understand them and to gain confidence in your direction - along with my advice.


Drawing is my second nature. I love to scratch the itch of my creativity by experimenting on a blank canvas.

Take a look my creative deck!

Useyourname - Font ©ollection

Font available to try and to download on

Over 15,000 downloads on & combined.

My Instagram is my sketchbook.

My work experience

Creatian Corp. (2022 - Present)

Founder/Team Lead

Talent Manager - Various artists (2019 - Present)

Day-to-Day manager

Freelance (2018 - Present)

Creative Director

BoyMeetsSpace (2019—2021)

Creative Director

The Reach TV (2015—20)

Founder/Journalist/Content Creator

My education

University of South Carolina
(Mass Communication - Psychology Cognate)


Industries I worked in

Media Project Management

more than 60 projects - 8 years of experience

Media Correspondence

more than 50 projects - 5 years of experience

My skills

Team Leadership

Content Scheduling

Strategic planning

Project Management


Digital marketing


World building/brand identity

Official Resumé

Like my resumé? Want to work together? Drop me a message and I’ll get back to you in no time.

Chidiebere Udogwu

Columbia, SC | (803) 445-7769 |

© Chidiebere Udogwu, 2023